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Roof Repair Services London

Roof Repairs London Roofers is home to highly qualified professionals that are ready to help you with any type of roof work you have. We have over 15 years of industry experience fixing a wide rage of roofing problems. Our services are 100% focused on providing solutions and ease to our customers at affordable rates. We also use the best materials in all installation and repair jobs. A roof is a primary important base to you house and its base function cannot be over-emphasised. The interior of your house is protected by your roof but that is not all.

Without a roof over your house, the foundation of your building will become susceptible to water damage because rainfall will seep directly into the foundation. We totally understand that you want to keep your property fully protected for the longer term. This is our goal too and that’s why our services are all about keeping your roofing in the best shape possible. Do you have immediate roof leaking problems that requires repairing right away? Is it blocked gutters or chimney repair? We can handle it. Any issue that concerns your roof including professional routing checks and new roof installation, we’re ready to be of service.

In all of London, we have the best tradesmen and professionals that are just a phone call away. If you have been looking for reliable roof repair London, we are the answer to that. Call us for:
  • Roof leak repair
Does your leaking roof requires immediate attention? We are your sure bet to fix it within a very short time. Our roof repair cost is not exploitative and offers you the best for your money. We can also help you fix ponding/pooling issues.
  • Pre-purchase inspection
Are you about to buy a property and you need the roof inspected? Our roofing team will provide you with this service and give you an accurate report of the roof:s condition after inspection.
  • New roof installation
If you have an extensively damaged or outdated roof, it may be best to replace it completely. We can help you with this.
  • Gutter repairs
A blocked or damaged gutter makes your roof less efficient at draining away rainwater. If you’re experiencing a damaged gutter, you need professional service. We are your roof repair near me company that will provide the best gutter repair you can find around.
  • Roof cleaning and routine inspection
Roof cleaning is best done by professionals. We don’t encourage DIY because you can end up damaging tile or causing a leakage of the roof surface. Call us today on Tel: 020 8798 2658 to help you clean your roof to prevent unnecessary costs of repairing avoidable damage. We also offer routine inspection especially if you notice that planet growing on your roof or blisters showing up. Why Choose Roof Repairs London Roofers? We are experts in fixing any roof, be it EPDM material, lead, felt, asphalt, or any other thing. We respond to enquiries immediately and show up promptly when booked. We also have techniques for detecting leaks in your roofs no matter how hidden these leaks are. We are accessible 24/7 so feel free to call us today to discuss your roofing repair needs.

Roof Repair Cost

How much you pay for your roof repair depends a lot on the type of repair you need and the extent of the damage to the roof. It’s important that you move quickly to fix any minor issue with your roofing before the issue becomes a major one. Our roof repair cost includes the following:
  • Tile replacement costs
  • Sagging roof repair costs
  • Leak repair costs 
  • Flashing repair costs
  • Labour costs
  • Tile replacement costs
Missing or damaged tiles are quite common roof issues that may need fixing. This can cost up to £200 for replacement of clay or slate tiles. This kind of repair is usually quick but it can save you a lot of money. A broken tile on the roof will allow water to seep into the house and cause more problems.
  • Flashing repair costs
The job of the lead flashing that comes with your roof is to protect its edge because damaged roof edges including flashing can cause rainwater to drop into your property. Damaged flashing repair costs between £100 and £250 per metre of flashing.
  • Leak repair costs
It’s hard to place a particular price on leak repair until we see the cause of the damage. Leaking roof can be due to a damaged flashing or missing tiles. Therefore the price of the repair will be directly related to what caused the leak
  • Sagging roof repairs costs
If your roof gets sagged, you’ll notice that the ridge will be depressed in the middle. Sagging roofs can happen due to the presence of heavier tiles in one part of the roof, probably because those tiles got damaged and had to be replaced at some point. If this is the case, our experts will use additional joists to compensate for the extra weight. This will cost you £1,000 and £2,000. The exact price depends on how much joists your roof requires. In case the sagging roof is because of a more complicated problem, we may need to replace the entire roof and on that you can expect to spend between £5,000 and £12,000.

New Roof Cost

Discussions about getting a new roof may be in order if there’s widespread damage to your roof. Installing a new roof will cost you more than it’ll take to replace gutters. And it’ll definitely cost more than replacing damaged tiles. What scenarios can a roof need replacement? If your roof collapses due to excess weight, for example, you may need to replace it completely. If a tree lands on your roof and crushes a large area, you’ll also need to consider replacement.  Our experts at Roof Repairs London Roofers will use a temporary cover to protect your property especially if the replacement will take many days. The erection of this temporary cover will attract an additional cost to the project. The complexity of your roof will also be considered when drawing you a quotation. If you have dormer windows and other fancy features, the cost of the roof replacement will be a little higher than otherwise. The kind of material that you choose to use will also impact the coat of your roof replacement. Felted roofs cost differently than slate roofs, etc. The final factor that determines your bill is the size of your property.  Roof Replacement London costs between £5,000 to £6,000. Felt roof replacement for a garage should be about £1,000. The different types of materials and the size of your property will impact the cost of the replacement.  Your quote will cover labour cost and the cost of purchasing material. You will not be charged for our logistics or parking cost.

Roof Repair FAQs

We have covered common Roof Repair London FAQs in this section. In case you have any issue you’d still like to clarify, simply reach out to us.
  • What is the cost of roof repair?
You can get rough estimates of how much it’ll cost you to repair your roof by looking at our price section. To find out exact costs, you should request for a free quote.
  • How do I tell if what my roof needs is repair or replacement?
If you’re not a roofing expert, it can be difficult to tell whether your roof needs only a few repairs or you’d need to replace the entire thing. If you’re dealing with a leak due to cracked or misplaced shingles, a repair will suffice. A roof replacement will however be needed if your roof is old, leaks in multiple points, or is falling down.
  • Is DIY roof repair advisable?
No, it’s not. You risk handling the roof the wrong way and causing more damage. There’s also the risk of electrocution if you’re repairing gutters yourself or even falling off the ladder. Professionals in roof repairs are thoroughly trained to do a good job and avoid hazards.
  • Why is my roof wearing out over time?
The weather continually beating down on your roof counts for so much. Hail is also another problem with roofs. Mildew growth also causes wearing out of your roof. The best you can do to counter them is to be religious about your roof maintenance.
  • How long will my roof last?
This depends on the material your roof was made of. Another factor is the severity and extremity of weather conditions in your region. Fifteen to twenty-five years is a common expectation but some roofs are made of more durable materials and so last longer. How well you maintain your roof is also a determinant of its longevity.
  • What color of roof do you recommend?
The color of your roof depends a lot on what you fancy. You want to choose a color that matches your taste and blends with the other details in your home. Note that darker roof colors wear out faster than bright ones. 

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Our daily business is to make sure that the roof over your head is in perfect condition. If anything has gone awry with your roof, reach out to no other experts than us. Call us now on 020 8798 2658 for your roof repair services. Roof Repairs London Roofers is ready to attend to your needs at any time of the day and any day of the week. Just put a call through to us or book online and you’ll hear from us within fifteen minutes.