Repointing Services

Repointing Services

Repointing might have sounded alien to you when you first heard it. But if you own a brick wall, you need to learn what repointing is and where you can find the best services.


You may think that your brick wall may be just something on the exterior of your home that doesn’t require so much maintenance. Nothing could be further from the truth because anything can deteriorate if proper attention is not paid to it, even your brick wall. As elegant and durable-looking the wall might be, it can fall if it is allowed to grow weak.

Repointing is the way that you fix problems that arise in your brick wall. Issues of gap formation in the wall as well as visible disintegration can be solved using repointing services. Over time and due to extreme weather conditions, wear and tear on a wall becomes very unsightly.

To protect the integrity and physical appeal of your home, you need repointing services the moment you begin to notice a deterioration.

So even if you’re not familiar with the term “repointing”, it’s not anything complicated. It’s just a strategy for keeping your brick wall intact or repairing the wall so it doesn’t fall.

Indicators that Your Brick Wall Needs Repointing

There are noticeable signs you can use to determine whether your brick walls need repointing. They include:

  • Damp

One of the most common signs that your brick wall needs attention is the presence of damp in your home. To be sure if there’s damp, check your flooring and house plaster. Are any of them decaying or falling apart? That’s the work of rising damp right there. 

Rising damp or penetrating damp can cause your home’s structure to retain undesirable moisture that can cause damage and an inadequately pointed brickwork is a common cause. You need an urgent repointing to stop the leakage of water into your walls. 

  • Damaged bricks

Did you notice any of the bricks are damaged? If you don’t call for repointing services to fix this while it’s still a relatively small issue, it can cause more difficult problems for you eventually. 

The damaged brick could be the inlet for moisture to enter your home and result in damp air circulation. The presence of damp air can predispose your wooden structures and other parts of the house to rot and deterioration. The structural integrity of your walls can also become compromised. To avoid all of these, the damaged brickwork will need to be removed and replaced.

  • Failed/unsuitable pointing

If the brickwork was made with modern cement mortar and pointed in a way that lets it trap moisture, damage will be inevitable. The best type of mortar to use is the traditional lime mortar because it’s more effective in disallowing the wall from trapping moisture. If you are aware of this kind of fault in the brickwork’s pointing, you need to have your wall repointed.

  • Efflorescence

If you start to see white deposits on your brick wall, it shows efflorescence and you may need brick wall repointing services soonest. Because efflorescence is rather unsightly, you may not be able to stand the fact that it’s denting the beautiful appearance of your property. 

Efflorescence may also be a sign of a wrongly assembled brickwork. In that case, you would need experts to help you replace the brickwork.

Repointing your brick wall is aimed at one thing: to improve its performance practically and aesthetically. Our repointing specialists are experienced in tuck, ribbon, and penny poll pointing. Tuck pointing involves flushing a stripping mortar through the joints of the bricks and letting it stiffen before trimming up. Tuck repointing is aimed at making the brickwork appear flawless.

Ribbon repointing is close to tuck repointing, only it’s not labour intensive like tuck repointing is. A hand trowel is drawn along the joints of the mortar to achieve perfect pointing that’s also neat. The penny roll pointing is done to conceal irregular bricks. Doing this gives your wall a better look.

At Roof Repairs London Roofers, our experts will help you fix your brick wall to not just make it practical but also to add beauty to your property. 


How much does repointing and bricklaying cost?

Repointing brick at some point might be your bread and butter as a homeowner if your property comprises brick in its structure. As fancy as brick is, it’s not always as sturdy as it looks.

Bricks are held together by mortar and while that is alright, the mortar can weaken over time. This can cause a lot of damage not just to the brick wall, but to your property due to penetrating dampness.

We know that you’d like to know the likely cost implications of repointing your brick wall and that’s why we’ve compiled this guide for you.

How Much Does Repointing Cost?

You can expect to spend £30 to £34 per square metre when repointing. This means that if you want to repoint an entire wall, you can expect to spend a total of £1000 to £1500 for a medium-sized home.

To cover the entire home’s brickwork repointing, you’ll spend up to £6000 or more. These figures will cover scaffolding costs.

Bricklaying costs

The daily rate of bricklayers is about £150 to £200. This does not cover the cost of the labourer’s wages. If you prefer to pay the bricklayer per 1000 bricks laid, then you can expect to pay £300 to £459 as the case may be.

In order to determine the definite cost of your repointing work, you can ask us for a quote or request a callback and we’ll be happy to talk to you. Our definite quotes are free and without any obligation to you. Note that we always stick to the quote we give you at the beginning of your project and never come up with extra charges.

Our prices are the best you’ll find in all of London and we use the best materials to complete your brick repointing.


What Mortar Should I Choose When Repointing Brick Work?

The choice of mortars when repointing brick work is very important. Your mortar determines the durability of your wall. If wrongly selected, you’ll end up with a wall that won’t do its job, eventually costing you more money in repairs and renovation.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to getting a desired texture for your mixed mortar. If you have a Victorian style home, you want to go for lime mortar. Avoid doing your repointing with cement because it has a reputation for bringing decay on the house. Your house will then be more predisposed to damp, salt and sulphate attack.

Instead of using mortars that have cement, opt for those that contain sand along with putty or hydraulic lime. Although this kind of mortar is more expensive than the salt-containing one, it saves you a lot of money in the long run. You just might never know how much money and energy you’re saving by doing the right thing from the start.

Our professionals will give you great advice on the best materials for your repointing so that you can save on the cost of too frequent repairs. We have your best interest at heart and will always let you know how you can save more money today.

FAQs in Brick wall Repointing Services: Roof Repairs London Roofers

  • Do you have certifications as a company?

Our dedicated repointing team consists of certified individuals that have decades of experience carrying out repointing work. We are an accredited company with an excellent reputation in London and fully insured, offering you the best workmanship and top-quality materials

  • Do you offer same-day service

We are available 24/7, 365 days a week. If you need same day services or late night services, we will respond to you promptly and reach out based on our availability at the time you called and your area postcode.

  • What are your prices like?

We operate a fixed pricing policy and let you know exactly how much your project will cost before your work begins. Our budget-friendly rates don’t have any hidden charges and we give you the kind of service that is worth your time and money.

  • Will you clean up the site after finishing the project? 

Our professionals pride themselves in keeping the work site clean even after they’re done working. We take care of everything so that you won’t have to clean up after us.

  • How often should I have my brick or stone re-pointed?

If your brick wall was properly built in the first place, it will remain durable even after a long time. But depending on the materials that were used, you may notice signs that your wall needs repointing. If you notice this, give us a call immediately to stop further damage to your property. 

Properly-done repointing will give you peace of mind but you must take note to call for maintenance and restoration at least twice in a year because mortar joints are naturally prone to deterioration over time.

  • How long will masonry repair take?

Depending on how much work needs to be done, the repair should be complete between one to three days. We will let you know beforehand the exact time it’ll take when we see the scope of your work.


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