Chimney Repair Services

Chimney Repair Services

A tale of two worlds. Chimneys understand this more than any other part of your home. Fires are lit underneath them, whilst wind, rain and snow batter the tops. So, it is clear that chimneys put up with a lot. 

Still, many people basically neglect this part of their buildings, thinking the structure is worry free. This is a big mistake, as they often find out. 



Chimneys are critical parts of your home and they demand regular inspection to make sure they remain at optimum functioning capacity. If the chimney has any faults, they can easily result in structural integrity problems. They can also cause airflow problems amongst other issues. 

The result? Safety concerns at the very least. Skyhigh repair costs at the worst. So to ensure your chimney’s long lasting performance, it is imperative that you properly and regularly inspect it for any issues at all.

Just like in the medical line, early detection of issues is key. If you are not very knowledgeable about how to spot issues with your chimney, then you can phone us on 020 8798 2658. Our dedicated and professional team at Roof Repairs London Roofers will be happy to assist you.

Chimney Repair Service London

Chimneys must be well maintained at all times if you want them to last. Your chimney’s brickwork, flashing, mortar, etc will decay over time. The decay will be faster and more acute if the mortar is left to crumble, as it will leave the brick and stonework without any support. Naturally, this will most likely lead to the collapse of your chimneys. 

At Roof Repairs London Roofers, the following chimney repairs services are within the scope of our operation; 

  • Re-pointing and re-seating of chimney pots
  • Replacement of render, mortar joints, brickwork, etc
  • Installation of vents and cowls

We have a wide range of general building knowledge, backed up with years of experience that enables us to adequately carry out chimney repairs like chimney stack repairs and chimney flashing repairs. 



Chimney Repair Price Guide

Chimney repair costs are based on a number of factors, such as;

  • The size of the chimney
  • If the chimney repair requires scaffolding
  • The type of fireplace you have
  • If any part of the roof needs repair, particularly parts close to the chimney
  • What part of the chimney needs repair

The following list contains the type of chimney repairs that we handle. Please note that these prices are independent of the costs of hiring scaffolding. 

  • Chimney repointing

The price to repoint a small chimney stack is around £500. This increases to £1000 if the chimney stack to be repointed is a large one. 

  • Installation of Chimney Flue

The costs of installing a chimney flue is based on the size of the chimney and the product quality used to install the flue. 

With this in mind, the cost of installing a chimney flue is between £700£1300

  • Repairing Chimney Pots and Flaunching

The cost of repairing your chimney pots and flaunching is between £80£130.

  • Chimney Flashing

To properly replace all four sides of the lead flashings on the roof, you can expect to pay between £380 and £530.

The cost for hiring scaffolding is majorly dependent upon the type of chimney you have. If you have a ridge chimney that is typically difficult to access, hiring scaffolding would cost you between £900-£1200

If your chimney is a gable chimney, then the cost of hiring scaffolding for that height is between £350-£450


How do Chimneys Work?

Chimneys work based on the fact that hot air rises higher than cool air. The rising air is called the draft. An effective chimney will have a strong draft that will get smoke out of the house. 

A chimney with poor draft will cause problems such as a cold room and contaminated air. It can also cause the fire to be put out. 

If you have a draft problem with your chimney, you can contact us to get it working effectively again. Book online or phone us on 020 8798 2658

Your chimney’s flue must be able to maintain very high temperature levels. The flue is the working section of your chimney that takes the combustion from the fireplace beneath it up and out of the home. 

The chimney however, is the visible structure built around the flue to protect it.

Cleaning and Inspection

Chimney fires are usually caused by an unclean chimney. An unclean chimney is caused by creosote buildup and debris that gets caught in the chimney. 

An unclean chimney will also send smoke and toxic gases back into the room, leaving the air contaminated. 

This is why it’s important you don’t run the risk of having an unclean chimney or a break in the chimney materials. Have your chimney inspected at least every year, preferably at the beginning or ending of its seasonal use. 

This is how you’ll be able to quickly detect any problems or any potential problems with your chimney. Being vigilant and following up with inspection from professionals like Roof Repair London Roofers will save you hundreds of pounds on repair costs. 



Common Types of Chimney Repair Work

  • Unsecured Masonry

The often simple construction of bricks and mortar will develop problems down the line, based on the constant exposure to heat and fumes. 

Leaving this unattended will become a major issue for your chimney. To avoid this, ask a professional to inspect your chimney before and after the seasonal use of the chimney. 

  • Creosote Buildup

Burning of wood builds up soot in your chimney. If you leave the soot to build up, over time it will cause issues like chimney fires and so on. 

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Phone us today to inspect your chimney and remove the risk of a chimney fire in the future. Here’s our number; 020 8798 2658. 

  • Broken Capping

Broken capping will allow rainwater in during rainfalls, damaging your flue. So, if you have a broken chimney cap, reach out to chimney repair professionals. 

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