Chimney Cleaning Services

Chimney Cleaning Services

Many homeowners underestimate just how much work it takes to clean a chimney. It is easy to fall into an attitude of disregard concerning your chimney because it’s the fireplace you’re after. 

Yes, the fireplace keeps you warm, but the chimney keeps you safe. Without a chimney, a fireplace would just be a waiting fire hazard. Amazingly, even with a chimney, a lot of fireplaces are still fire accidents just waiting to happen.

This is usually down to a profound lack of maintenance. Creosote buildup and soot buildup are common in chimneys, especially wood burning chimneys. Whilst soot is easy to remove, creosote is not because it sticks to the flue. 



This is what causes fires in chimneys, though it is utterly preventable with proper inspection and good chimney cleaning done by experts. Regular inspections of your chimneys by professionals will give you the opportunity to detect possible problems before they demand hundreds and thousands of money to repair. 

Chimney cleaning services are carried out by chimney sweeps. The frequency of your chimney sweeps depends on how often you use your chimney and the kind of burning materials you use. 

At Roof Repair London Roofers, we offer you top class and professional chimney cleaning services. Fill our booking request form to contact us for your chimney sweeps. 

Chimney Cleaning Price Guide

Chimney cleaning costs are usually charged per job. Cleaning a chimney is usually not too challenging, except there are abnormal blockages in your chimney. These can be a large bird nest, a massive buildup of creosote, etc. 

The process of a chimney sweep isn’t complicated at all. Professional chimney sweeps will prepare a space to minimize any mess. Then running brushes will be passed through the length of the flue to clean it. The brushes will clear out any blockages like creosote that can cause chimney fires and impact the efficiency of the chimney. 

With us, a regular chimney sweep costs between £90 and £120. However, if your chimney sweep will involve dislodging blockages like a large bird being trapped or a bird’s nest being trapped in the flue, then the prices will go up. 

This is because you will most likely need to replace the chimney cowl. This is the guard that sits over the top of the chimney to prevent foreign objects from falling in. 

Cowls are usually priced between £30-£50

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Chimney Cleaning FAQs

  • Why is it important to have my chimney cleaned?

Cleaning your chimney is important as it helps you get rid of blockages from your flue. Common blockages are cobwebs, soot, bird’s nests, creosote, just to mention a few. 

These blockages are capable of affecting the draft of your chimney, and this can easily lead to chimney fires. This is especially important if you have a creosote build up. So, regular cleaning of your flue is crucial. A clean flue will clear the smoke from burning very efficiently. 

  • Do creosote sweeping logs really work?

Yes. They don’t replace chimney cleaning, but they help. When a sweeping log is burnt, the creosote dries up and becomes flaky. This makes it easier to clean, but it still has to be cleaned by a professional. 

  • Does chimney sweeping leave a mess?

This depends on the kind of chimney repair service you hire. At Roof Repairs London Roofers, we do our utmost best to ensure our process is very clean. We will greatly minimise the possibility of dust and soot entering the room. 

However, if your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in a long while or if it has massive blockages like a large nest, then a little mess might be unavoidable. Still, we will use tried and tested methods to contain even this. 

So you have nothing to worry about. 

  • How do I know when my chimney needs sweeping?

Generally, there are some telltale signs you should look out for, such as soot dropping into your fireplace, strange sounds coming from the chimney, a strong smoky odor, thick dark smoke being emitted from the chimney, to mention a few. 

Once you see these signs, please book online to schedule an appointment with us. Also, it is important that you keep track of how often you’re cleaning your chimney. But if you haven’t been keeping track or you’ve just bought the house, then you can phone us today on 020 8798 2658

  • Can I DIY sweep my chimney?

Yes, but not advisable. There’s a reason there are professionals for cleaning your chimneys. Doing it yourself without any knowledge of what to really do would just lead to a waste of your precious time. 

Unless you’re chimney sweep yourself, chances are that you won’t have the necessary tools to clean your chimney. This will lead to not just wasting your time, but it can also cost you. If you cleaned your flue yourself without spotting a problem that later causes issues, your insurance provider most likely won’t cover that loss. 

Then, there’s also the small matter of how dirty your room would get. You’d get very dirty yourself. 

  • How long will it take to sweep my chimney?

For a simple chimney sweep, this should not take any more than 40 to 50 minutes. This time also includes the time it would take to fill out paperwork and certifications of the work done. 

If you have serious blockages in your flue, the time would go up. 

  • How much do you charge for chimney sweeping?

Generally, we charge between £80 and £170, inclusive of VAT. If you require our chimney cleaning services for  more than one flue, please contact us for possible discounted rates. 

  • How often do I need to have my chimney swept?

This largely depends on the material you’re burning. For gas, oil or smokeless fuel, once a year is fine. 

For wood and bitumen, 2 to 4 times a year is fine.  



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